Chuck Bartowski - pilot & the series finale

Chucksters, please, let’s make these 48 hours the best yet! We can do it!!!

OMG, I JUST SAW IT…  Guys, take a look, please!!!

"Here’s our LAST INCENTIVE for the final 48 hours of the campaign: Every backer that gives at least $5 (or more) is entered to win 1 of 48 – that’s right  FORTY EIGHT – special prizes! Anyone who contributes from 11:59pm PDT TONIGHT through the end of the campaign is entered to win!! So what is the prize? A PERSONALIZED SELFIE FROM ZACHARY LEVI. Zac will hand write you a thank you message, hold it up for a selfie and send it to you via email!

So remember, in order to win, you must contribute $5 or more in the last 48 hours of the campaign! As an added bonus, if we reach $333,000 by the end of campaign, ONE WINNER will get that special visit by Zac himself no matter where you live AND we’ll invite some local fellow nerds while he’s in your area!

 Go to to support the campaign.

 We are so thankful for all of your support. Let’s make these last 48 hours the best yet!!” 

The Nerd Machine

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I hope that at least $333,000 is reached for some lucky one get Zac’s visit!!!! Imagine how awesome it would be!!! And I really hope that with the money raised they make the nerd hq possible! 1 million is not necessary to make the perfect event!!! 


tl:dr: donate today to I Want My Nerd HQ

Only 7 days left to help Zachary Levi and The Nerd Machine raise the funds needed to make Nerd HQ 2014 happen. Even if you aren’t able to attend the events in person Nerd HQ posts videos of interviews for FREE on their YouTube channel. For less than the cost of a movie ticket, you can gain access to exclusive video footage and official high quality interviews with your favorite stars. Oh yeah, and while you’re enjoying the fun entertainment side of Nerd HQ the Nerd Machine is busy raising funds for Operation Smile, in 2013 they gave over $415,000!

Guys, only 29 hours left!!!!!!!!! If you can donate, do it, please!!! Just $5!!!! There is still time, we can do it!!! 

"Who’s directing?" // 3x09 - Behind The Scenes (x)

CHUCK ended two years ago today, on the 27th of January, 2012

#ChuckGivesBack by We Give A Chuck


Chuck versus the Goodbye aired 2 years ago today (27/01/2012)

Here we are. The original band.


 all the things i ship ★ chuck bartowski and sarah walker

chuck, you’re a gift. you’re a gift i never dreamed i could want or need. and everyday i will show you that you’re a gift that i deserve. you make me the best person i could ever hope to be. and i want to spend, and learn, and love the rest of my life with you.

6 years ago today. Happy birthday Chuck. I hope you found a font for your five-year plan.

I can’t with the “I hope you found a font for your five-year plan.” My feelings!!!! *sobbing*


6 years ago a pilot of a very special tv show was aired.

And back then, I had no idea how it would affect me in the future. There are many people that don’t understand (I think I was one of them) how a tv show can change a life, but it happens and Chuck changed mine (And I’m sure that a lot more)!

So, I just want to say thank you for it the existence. And that Chuck will be forever in my heart.


Dear Chuck,

Happy Anniversary to the most beautiful, amazing, flawless show on the planet. Chuck, six years ago you stole my heart, you taught me about passion, about love, inspired me to discover my talent for writing. You showed me what shipping was, you made me believe in something so fiercely for the first time in my life. Six years ago, you changed my life and I will always be grateful.


Forever a Chuckster